The Office of Student Affairs at the College of Nursing processes enrollments for nursing students. Enrollment cannot be completed online. A student must be admitted into one of our programs prior to enrolling at the OU College of Nursing.

OUHSC Academic Calendars can be viewed online at http://admissions.ouhsc.edu/AcademicCalendar.aspx

Enrollment Deadlines

The following deadlines apply to the Spring 2018 Semester:

  • Last day to enroll without a late fee: 
    January 12
  • Classes begin: 
    January 16
  • Late enrollment period: 
    ($50.00 late enrollment fee): 
    January 16 - 29
  • Final day to enroll / add a class: 
    January 22
  • 100% refund on complete withdrawals
    January 16-29
  • No refunds after: 
    January 29

Enrollment Forms

An enrollment form must be completed before you can be enrolled. To ensure proper form filing, please refer to the How to Complete the Enrollment Form instructions.

Doctoral and MSN Enrollment Forms

Doctoral Programs:

MSN Programs, All Campuses:

BSN Enrollment Forms

Select form by campus, program, and term.

Enrollment Holds

There are times when an enrollment will not be processed due to an enrollment hold. The following are types of holds that could prevent enrollment from being processed:

  • Bursar Hold
    If you have a bursar hold, please contact the Bursar's office at 405-271-2433
  • Transcript Hold
    If you have a hold because of an outstanding transcript, please contact Admissions and Records at 405-271-2359.
  • TOEFL Hold
    If you have a hold because of the TOEFL, please contact Admissions and Records at 405-271-2359.
  • Green Card / International Student Check In
    If you have one of these holds, please contact Admissions and Records at 405-271-2359
  • Immunization/Certification Hold
    If you have a hold because of outstanding immunizations/certifications, please contact one of the the following:
    Oklahoma City Campus
    Kayla Pullan
    405-271-2428 x49221
    Tulsa Campus
    Diane Estes
    Lawton Campus
    Angela Thomas
    405-271-1491 ext 49198
  • Prerequisite Hold
    If you have a hold because you have not completed a prerequisite, please contact the following admissions coordinator:
    Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton Campuses

Contact Info

Oklahoma City 

All Students:
Kayla Pullan
(405) 271-1491 x49221


All Students:
Dianne Estes
(918) 660-3979


All Students: 
Angela Thomas
405-271-1491 x49198

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