Background Checks

The University is committed to accepting and educating students who meet established standards for professionalism, are of high moral character, and are suitable candidates for professional certification or licensure. A national Criminal Background Check (CBC) is required of each conditionally accepted applicant prior to full admission and at least annually thereafter for every continuing student. Please refer to the OUHSC Faculty Handbook (12-C) for the full policy at:

Background Check Instructions

Incoming students:  Initial Background Checks should be completed within 90 days of first enrollment.  Background checks completed earlier may have to be repeated. 

Returning students:  Returning Background Checks must be renewed every 12 months while enrolled in coursework.  "Recheck" sheets are updated each November/December. 

Click on the link below to download the instruction sheet:

Background Check Instructions


  • New admits must complete the CBC process at the same time as submitting other student documentation items.  Refer to the orientation checklists for additional information. 
  • Returning students will be notified of applicable deadlines. The CBC must be renewed annually.

No enrollment will be processed until the CBC is finalized.

Additional Information


Effective July 16, 2015 and pertaining to Fall 2015 enrollment and beyond:

  • All nursing students must comply with the university’s current CBC policy and utilize the new designated vendor prior to enrollment in any nursing coursework. 
  • The current CBC process supersedes and replaces all previous CBC’s completed by students. 
  • Students who completed the previous CBC are not grandfathered under the new CBC process. 
  • A new CBC must be completed by all students.

Enrollment holds will be applied for non-compliance. This applies to:

  • Returning students admitted in Summer 2015 and prior (including Su15 MSN and doctoral admits)
  • New students admitted for the Fall 2015 term and beyond

Enrollment Holds

An enrollment hold will be place on a student’s file at the following time(s):

  • Upon initial offer of admission
  • Every 12 months following previous CBC completion

Enrollment holds will be released by College of Nursing Student Affairs representatives when the CBC is finished and results are returned by Certiphi.  Students will be emailed by Certiphi when the CBC is finished and results are available.

Please review the Student Center in Student Self-Service to check on enrollment holds.

Clinical Placement

Taken from the Student Handbook:  “The College is not responsible for finding rotation practice sites for students who are unable to meet the requirements for rotation practice sites, including passing background checks or drug screens; nor does it assure that a graduate will be allowed to register for required exams or obtain required licenses to practice.  Students should be aware that failure to pass a background check or drug test, as determined by each facility, will prevent the student from participating in that clinical experience and may delay the student’s completion of the degree program requirements or prevent the student from completing the degree program.”

Completion of the CBC request and enrollment in coursework does not guarantee clinical placement. 

Copies of the CBC Results

  • Each student will receive a copy of their CBC results from Certiphi. 
  • Students may download a copy of their results to provide to clinical personnel at clinical sites.
  • Students should not provide a copy of their CBC results to faculty members. 
  • CBC results should not be mailed to the College.

Contact Us

For additional information regarding CBC compliance, please contact your campus Student Affairs representative:


Oklahoma City


Laci Jehl

(580) 591-8091

Office of Student Affairs

(405) 271-2428

Dianne Estes

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