Graduate Orientation - Tulsa Campus

Welcome to the OU Nursing Family

Congratulations on your admission to The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Fran and Earl Ziegler College of Nursing! Welcome to the OU Nursing family.

Your orientation to the program will include:

  1. Priority Action Items: Submit forms and review information by the deadlines, see below.
  2. Attend Orientation Event: On-campus activity, see below.
  3. Preparing for the start of classes, see below.

Here to Help

Questions or concerns regarding orientation?

Tulsa campus, Student Program Coordinator
(918) 660-3979

Notice: Items are subject to change. It is the student's responsibility to stay informed regarding current applicable requirements. Please check the website often for updates. Orientation is mandatory for all new students. 

Orientation Step 1 of 3: Complete 8 Priority Action Items

Complete 8 Priority Action Items

Please review the 8 items listed below for priority action items.  Most items should be reviewed and some completed prior to attending the new student orientation event on campus.

1. Confirmation

All admitted students must confirm their offer of admission.  An e-mail will be sent by the OUHSC Office of Admissions & Records with instructions.  Please contact Ms. Debbie Shell if you did not receive your email.  

(405) 271-2359


2. Set-Up HSC E-Mail Account

Confirm new HSC Email Account
After you confirm your admission (see #1 above), the OUHSC IT department will email you information to set this up.  Please allow 1-2 weeks for your account to be set-up.  

Contact the OUHSC IT Service Desk if you need assistance with your account set-up. 


3. Submit Student Documentation Requirements by Deadlines

Beginning December 15, 2016, students will be able to upload annual certification items directly in Student Self-Service.

Can I upload certifications from off-campus?
Yes.  However, students must register the DUO security authentication first:

Documentation Requirements 
The below listed items are required for all new students.  Most items have a deadline. Failure to meet the below requirements may prevent enrollment in nursing courses or participation in clinical rotations.

  • National Background Check 
    • Students do not submit copies of their Background Checks.  The system will automatically update.
    • Must be renewed every 12 months. 
  • Drug Screen* Form (refer to Drug Screen Policy)
    • Students do not submit copies of their Drug Screens.  The system will automatically update.
    • Must be renewed every 12 months. 
  • Insurance
    • Upload a copy of the Insurance card to Student Self-Service.
  • Health Form (refer to Health Form Instructions)
    • Health Forms and copies of all documentation should be uploaded to Student Self-Service.
    • HepB Waiver - Only complete if you do not have proof of 3 HepB vaccinations or 1 Positive HebB titer
  • Uniform & Supply Orders *


*  Information given at orientation

Contact: or (918) 660-3979 with any questions.


4. Textbooks

Order Textbooks (check website for updates)

Textbooks are needed for the first day of classes.  Students may purchase e-books or print books.

5. Financing Your Education

6. Submit Final Transcripts

Submit any remaining official transcripts to Dianne Estes at the Tulsa campus prior to enrollment. Students will not be enrolled and financial aid will not be disbursed until final transcripts are received.

Official transcripts can also be mailed to:

OUHSC Office of Admissions & Records
PO Box 26901, BSEB 200
Oklahoma City, OK 73126

7. Computer Prep

2017 IT Orientation Presentation

8. Review Information



Dates to Remember

December 15, 2016

Attend mandatory New Student Orientation Event
OU Tulsa Campus
Date/Time and room number will be emailed to admitted students

January 17, 2017

First day of class 
See class schedules and academic calendar

Final date to complete:

June Date TBA

Final day to submit PMTC Application for Nursing Assistance

July 1

Fall scholarship deadline


Orientation Step 2 of 3: Attend On-Campus Orientation Event

Orientation Event Details

Orientation is mandatory for all new students.

When:  Date/Time will be emailed to newly admitted students.

Where:  OU Tulsa campus, room number will be emailed.


Items to be brought or completed at orientation

1.  Print, complete, and bring following forms to Orientation

Tulsa Parking Form:

Take form, ID, and proof of insurance to Campus Police located in the sound end of “C” hallway of the Administration Building at the OU Tulsa campus.

Orientation Step 3 of 3: Preparing for the Start of Classes

Required items to be completed before or directly after classes begin

1.  Complete HIPAA Training online. (Complete first week of school)

  • Students must have their OUHSC email account to complete HIPAA training
  • Keep a copy for your records, submitted records cannot be copied

2.  Complete Sexual Misconduct Awareness Training (Complete first week of school)

  • Students have two weeks into the term to participate in the required training
  • Do no submit copy of training, completion of training is automatically updated in enrollment system

3.  Complete Environmental Health & Safety Training (Complete first week of school)


review helpful links

Campus Resources

  • Student Counseling Free service to assist with personal and school-based issues.  Services include test taking anxiety, stress management, and personal counseling.
  • Writing Center Free service to assist with development and review of written assignments.  Schedule appointments at beginning of semester using course syllabus due dates as guide.
  • Student Self Service This site allows you to review your student account and grades. Applicants should review the Program Plan feature prior to meeting with their faculty advisor.


printable check list

A printable check list has been created to help assist in organizing required information. 



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