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NOTICE: Items are subject to change. It is the student’s responsibility to stay informed regarding current applicable requirements. Please check the website often for updates.


All students currently enrolled at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing must have comprehensive health insurance. Students must have coverage prior to enrollment. The College cannot enroll students in coursework without a copy of a current insurance card. Click here for information regarding student health insurance:

What To Do Now?

  • If you have coverage: Confirm coverage will continue while in school (pay attention to age limits if covered as a student).
  • If you do not have coverage: Review new policies options ASAP. Certain policies may take months to be finalized.

Student with Health Insurance

  • Submit a copy of your health insurance card. The copy must include dates of coverage including start and termination dates. Please write the dates on the copy if needed.
  • Upload a copy of the card to Student Self-Service.  Copies can be loaded under "Student Health Forms" section in the Student Center. 
  • Examples of acceptable coverage:
    • BlueCross, Aetna, or comparable companies (student coverage under a parent's or spouse's policy is acceptable)
    • Indian Health Services, or comparable governmental service (must have verifiable coverage)
    • Student Insurance Plan

Students Needing to Purchase Health Insurance

  • Make arrangements ASAP to purchase coverage as it may take months to obtain a complete policy.
  • Students may purchase coverage from any reliable insurance broker. The College recommends students review individual policies offered through companies such as Blue Cross. Be sure to not only compare cost but the level of coverage offered, including possible exclusions to care (i.e., hospitalization, needle sticks, occupational incidents, prescription coverage, etc).
  • A student insurance policy is available through the University of Oklahoma student sponsored health insurance policy. You may find information regarding their policy at the following website:
  • Students are alerted to carefully review the schedule of benefits and list of exclusions before committing to any policy.
  • Note: Policies must be purchased within OPEN ENROLLMENT deadlines. 

Needle Stick Coverage

Needle stick coverage is available through University of Oklahoma student sponsored health insurance policy. This will cover the student while participating in clinical rotation as a student nurse. Your student health fee may not cover expenses associated with needle sticks such as laboratory tests, preventative treatment, or follow-up care. Coverage is only $20/year. Students may enroll in this coverage at:

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