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Student Spotlight

OUCN Student, Ross Henry

Ross Henry
ABSN Class of 2013

“After leaving the military, I began to look for my niche in life. Initially, I thought that was teaching, which I did for a while. However, the more I looked at nursing, the more I realized it was a better fit. Now that I’m in the profession and finishing school, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, it’s exactly where I belong.”

Faculty Spotlight

OUCN Faculty, Cindy Lyons

Cindy Lyons, MS., RN., CNE.

Associate Director of Community Educational Outreach for the Donald W. Reynolds Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence

A longtime advocate for nurses, Cindy Lyons is helping shape nursing in Oklahoma both inside the OU College of Nursing as well as outside its doors. Lyons, who was named president of the Oklahoma Nurses Association (ONA), has also served as the organization as president elect (2011), vice president (1999-2000) and Region 2 president (1987-1988).

Program Spotlight

Three diverse women smiling

Healthy Women, Healthy Futures

A project of the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, Healthy Women, Healthy Futures (HWHF) is the only program in Oklahoma and one of a handful in the nation that comprehensively addresses the mother’s pre-pregnancy health. Since its inception in 2008, Healthy Women, Healthy Futures has helped almost 200 women have healthier lives and improve their chances of giving birth to healthy babies.

Faculty Spotlight

OUCN Faculty, Janet Wilson

Janet Wilson, PhD, RN

Associate Director of Community Based Interdisciplinary Research for the Donald W. Reynolds Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence

An associate professor with the College of Nursing, Janet Wilson, PhD, teaches courses on qualitative research, and scientific integrity and knowledge development in the PhD in Nursing program. A founding member and an Oklahoma Attorney General-appointed member of the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board, Wilson's research efforts bring together interdisciplinary community based teams to gather data and design innovative evidence-based solutions to reduce risks for family violence.

Student Spotlight

OUCN Student, Ross Henry

Kali Johnson
Traditional BSN Class of 2014

Kali Johnson was named the 2013 OU College of Nursing Outstanding Senior at a recent award luncheon in Norman, Oklahoma. Sponsored by Sooner Parents, the award recognizes a senior at each college who has exhibited outstanding achievements in scholarship, honors, leadership and service to the university and community. A student leader with a life-long passion for nursing, Johnson has expressed an interest in pursuing a career in critical care nursing after graduation.

Faculty Spotlight

OUCN Faculty, Voncella McCleary-Jones

Voncella McCleary-Jones, PhD, RN-BC, CNE

Assistant Professor, Director Masters Nursing Education Program

Voncella McCleary-Jones, director of the Master’s Nursing Education program, works to strengthen opportunities for nurse educators in Oklahoma and throughout the country through her service as vice president of the Association of Black Nursing Faculty.

Faculty Spotlight

OUCN Faculty, Emma Kientz

Emma Kientz, MS, APRN-CNS, CNE

Tulsa Site Director, Assistant Professor

As Tulsa site director, Emma Kientz brings her passion for nursing education not just to the classroom, but also to the clinical setting. Kientz helps provide free health care to uninsured Tulsans as one of 11 faculty members participating in OU’s Bedlam Longitudinal and Bedlam Evening clinics.

Faculty Spotlight

OUCN Faculty, Lori McElroy

Lori McElroy, MS, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor, OU College of Nursing Lawton

Lori McElroy’s innovative teaching has helped her students succeed in the classroom and advance health care throughout the state. In fact, McElroy’s fusion of new technology and quality nursing education earned her the 2012 Novice Faculty award from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

Faculty Spotlight

OUCN Faculty, Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher, PhD, RN

Assistant Professor, OU College of Nursing Oklahoma City

For students in Mark Fisher’s clinical nursing class, instruction about nursing is combined with an emphasis on community outreach. Thanks to partnerships with Infant Crisis Services and other nonprofit organizations, Fisher’s undergraduate students are not just making the grade in the classroom; they’re making a lasting impact in their community.

Student Spotlight

OUCN Student, Michael Massey

Michael Massey
Traditional BSN Class of 2014

BSN Student Michael Massey has turned a childhood passion for elder care into a professional pursuit through the Reynolds’ Emerging Leader program. Through it, Massey is not only learning about the importance of nursing research, but also gaining the invaluable mentorship of faculty and geriatric researchers who will help guide his academic and professional career.

Student Spotlight

OUCN Student, Shane Cooper

Shane Cooper
Traditional BSN Class of 2015

Growing up as one of the youngest residents in a very small town, Shane Cooper quickly grew to understand the mental health needs of older adults. Now a bachelor of nursing student at the OU College of Nursing, Cooper is working toward a career in psychiatric nursing and hopes to enhance life for older adults as a Reynolds Emerging Scholar.

Student Spotlight

OUCN Student, Ineke Dallas

Ineke Dallas
Accelerated BSN Class of 2014

Ineke Dallas is finishing nursing school, but it’s not her first career. Dallas spent eight years as an Air Force instructor navigator, time that taught her to work with others to maximize individual abilities through teamwork. With the skills learned through her military service and the education she’s received at the OU College of Nursing, Dallas is ready to enter her lifelong career as a nurse.

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