Facilitating the advancement of knowledge to promote health and improve nursing care.


Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Research is to facilitate the advancement of knowledge to promote health and improve nursing care. The Office of Research supports research programs and scholarly activities of faculty with particular emphasis on research integrity, compassion, and excellence and extramural research funding. Support and mentorship are also offered when requested by nurses engaged in research at nearby OU Hospitals and Clinics. In addition, the Office of Research facilitates the research and external funding of graduate students.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty and staff of the Office of Research are committed to providing the College of Nursing faculty and students with the highest standard of service excellence. Services include grant submission assistance through research consultation (research design and methods), statistical services (identification of appropriate sample size, statistical methods, and software), data analysis presentation and interpretation of results, consultation on data management, and editorial services (research grants and articles).

The Office of Research is responsible for ensuring integrity in science, assuring that faculty and students adhere to the requirements of the Office of Research Administration (ORA) and Institutional Review Board (IRB). If you have any questions, please contact us.

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