PhD Faculty Research Interests

Benefield, Lazelle

Distance care-giving of older adults living at home, distance care-giving needs of persons with Alzheimer's disease, case management of community-based elders, distance caregiving and technology innovation; Reynolds Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, OUHSC

Buckwalter, Kathleen

Expert in geriatric mental health, providing community-based care for chronically mentally ill older persons, and cognitively impaired older adults, and their caregivers in both institutional and community settings. 

Carlson, Barbara

Pathological mechanisms of functional decline and the application of home-based smart technologies to minimize functional decline in older adults following therapy for life-threatening illness events; neurovascular coupling, cardiovascular disease, vascular aging, sleep, and cognitive decline in older adults. 

Craft, Melissa

Use of expressive writing/storytelling to help assimilate thoughts and feelings about particularly intense or traumatic events; cognitive impairment following chemotherapy in women with breast cancer; breast cancer risk reduction and survivorship; experiences of cancer in American Indians living in Oklahoma with focus on developing culturally appropriate interventions.

Dwyer, Kathleen

Community-engaged research methods to address health disparities; community based health coaching in underserved communities; cancer survivorship; research partnerships with tribal nations to enhance care coordination activities to support tribal citizens living with cancer. 

Eschiti, Valerie

Health promotion and disease prevention interventions with American Indian adult populations, particularly those of southwest Oklahoma; community-based participatory research; mixed methods.

Fisher, Mark

Communication (empathic communication), interactions, and relationships between parents, nurses, physicians, and other health care providers in the context of pediatric chronic illness.

Holtzclaw, Barbara

Symptom management in conditions that threaten thermal homeostasis; thermoregulatory responses of vulnerable patients (older adults, dementia, perioperative patients, chronic diseases) to actual or perceived temperature changes. Temperature-related sleep disturbances and thermal comfort; translational science applications to research: physiologically based interventions.

Jones, Emily

Women’s cardiometabolic health, particularly in the childbearing years; cardiometabolic risk reduction following gestational diabetes mellitus; maternal metabolic health and fetal origins of disease; American Indian health equity; community-based participatory research.

Leasure, Renee

Health literacy, symptom management, outcomes, evidence-based practice, ventilator-associated pneumonia of adults cared for at the VA

Rogers, Carol

Health promotion in older adults, nexus of activity and activity intolerance, functional mobility, the efficacy of Sign Chi Do exercise in adaptation to aging, and well to frail older adults experiencing chronic illness.

Rose, Karen

Family caregiving; Alzheimer’s disease; sleep disorders; neuropsychiatric behaviors in dementia.

Smith, Patsy

Gerontological psych: recognition of depressive symptoms, resilient behaviors, and coping skills among older African American cancer survivors; examination of interactions with ministers and church support systems.

Wilson, Janet

Prevention of child, adult, and older adult victims of violence; use of communitybased interdisciplinary teams and technology to gather data, study problems, design innovative, culturally sensitive, and evidence-based solutions.
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