Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be advised regarding my application?

Applicants may speak with an advisor at their college/university or with an advisor at the OU College of Nursing. Applicants may email with any questions.

How do I check the status of my application?

  • Application Status website:
  • Check often to confirm all application materials are received and all coursework is posted correctly. 
  • Incomplete applications may not be reviewed.
  • The College will not contact applicants if their application is incomplete.

Do I have an Admissions Coordinator?

All application materials will be received by the Admissions Coordinator at the OU College of Nursing in Oklahoma City. Applicants may reach the Admissions Coordinator at

Are recommendation letters required?

All master’s programs currently require the submission of three reference letters. We request applicants submit references through the Nursing CAS Admission Application. Please see the application instructions for further information.

Do I need to complete the prerequisites?

All master’s programs currently require two prerequisite courses: Statistics and research methodology. Both courses must be completed prior to enrollment in the master’s program.

My bachelor's program did not have a research class. Do I really need this?

All students are required to complete a research course prior to starting their graduate studies. Students may apply to the OU College of Nursing as a "special student" to take our nursing research course. After successful completion of this course students may then immediately apply to their intended master’s program. For additional information, please contact Debbie Shell from the Office of Admission and Records at

Do I need to take the GRE exam?

We do not currently require this exam for admission purposes to our Master’s programs. Applicants may have to complete this in the future if they wish to enter the PhD program.

How many years of work experience do I need?

All of our tracks currently offer direct admission to new nurses who have passed NCLEX and have a bachelor’s degree. We do not currently require any work for a specific time after receiving the RN license. However, each student should thoughtfully consider their ability or desire to take on advanced level of education at the same time they are learning a new job. This must be a personal decision and we recommend that applicants review their options thoroughly.

When are admission decisions released?

Complete applications will be processed only after the application deadline has passed. The application review process will take approximately 2 months to complete. Applicants will be notified by mail regarding their admission status.

Can I work while I go to school?

This depends on the individual’s responsibilities, capabilities, and also on the type of master’s track pursued. Certain tracks, such as the Nursing Education program that is 100% online, may be more conducive to a working schedule. The Nurse Practitioner track, however, does require more classroom/clinical activities on the part of the student where applicants would need to carefully consider the extent of their work commitments.

I really want the NP program but admission is competitive? Can I take core classes while I wait to reapply next year?

Due to limited classroom resources, including faculty availability, we can no longer allow students to enter the program without a declared major. Students must commit to their major at time of application.

What do I do if my GPA is not high enough?

We currently recommend students take additional coursework to raise their GPA. Students often elect to take education, science, or human resources courses to raise their GPA.

Is an ADN-MSN track offered?

The OU College of Nursing does not currently offer a direct admission track for students that only have an associate’s degree. We currently require all applicants have a BSN degree. Students who have an associate’s degree in nursing are advised to complete our RN-BSN track first and then continue on with their application to the master’s program.

Is there a Post-Master Certificate track for all programs?

The OU College of Nursing does offer a post-master certificate for each MSN program. 

Is part-time study available?

All tracks currently offer part-time study. Part-time study can vary between programs, however. The Nurse Practitioner track has a structured part-time program plan which still requires specific enrollment and that students complete coursework within 3 years. All students are directed to consult with their advisor regarding their program plan.

Who do I contact with additional questions?

All interested students can contact a College of Nursing advisor at

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