How to Complete the Enrollment Form

The enrollment form is a form filled PDF document. You can begin by taking your cursor and clicking in a gray shaded area and begin typing. You need to complete the form in its entirety.

In the Student ID section, please do not use your social security number. The number you need to use is your (7) digit ID number that was given to you when you were admitted into the College.

Undergraduates (Traditional, ABSN, Career Mobility)

Your form is usually already pre-filled with your nursing courses. 

You will complete a singular enrollment form at the time of admission/Orientation.  This form allows College of Nursing staff to enroll you each semester for the duration of the program.  Should you take a leave of absence or be placed on an alternate completion plan, please complete the blank alternate completion plan form.  It is your responsibility to follow your alternate plan and note the correct courses and sections for enrollment. 


Before completing the enrollment form, please talk with your advisor. It is important that you have a current program plan on file with your advisor.

When completing the enrollment form, please make sure to complete all areas under the "Nursing Courses" section.


Dept. NURS
Course 5053
Section 001
Title Policy and Ethics
Credit Hours 3

It is extremely important that you answer the following questions:

  • Projected Graduation Date
  • Leadership Pathway and Clinical Area
  • Campus

If you plan on taking a course at the Norman campus, please enter the course in the section titled "Norman Courses and/or Other Courses". It is your responsibility to make sure that you have completed all prerequisites for the course(s) and get permission from instructor if applicable.

We use the enrollment form to update our records. It is important for you to complete the campus question because that will determine the course section number you need to be enrolled in.

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