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The OU College of Nursing Care Management

The OU College of Nursing Care Management Assistant Program Director Ashley Jones and Outreach Liaison Lisa Pilar Macias provided training at the OU Family Medicine Clinic during the Community Health/Behavioral Health resident rotation.    

Cindy Thomas, Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine at the clinic has assisted patients receiving services from the OU College of Nursing Care Management for the past 16 years.   “Our residents are new to practicing medicine and their focus initially is upon the disease and disease management.  Learning about programs in the community that act as partners in the care of patients helps them to address more completely the myriad needs of patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities.” 

OU Nursing Care Management program has been helping people across Oklahoma, including patients from the OU Family Medicine Clinic, since 1995, with both private and Medicaid options.   The program utilizes a collaborative approach while providing guidance and coordination for health care needs.

For more information about OU Care Management, please visit our website or you can call our toll-free number at 866-416-4980.

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