Alumni Profile: Devon Morris

Alumni Profile: Devon Morris


Share a little about your background and what drew you to the field of nursing.

As a child, I was involved in a lawnmower accident where I was run over by a riding lawnmower. I lost a couple fingers on my right hand and had multiple surgeries, including a toe-to-hand transplant at 3 years of age. I continued with additional surgeries and therapy throughout childhood, and I appreciated the care that was given during the multiple hospitalizations and outpatient visits. I knew I was called to spend my life giving back. A tragic accident was not the end of my story, and I wanted to help others experiencing physical illnesses and accidents to experience their “next chapter.” Nursing is the perfect field for those who want to provide compassionate care for the whole person, and nurses serve as the strongest of patient advocates.

Why did you choose the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing?

The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing is highly respected, and I wanted to graduate from a program where I received excellent education and built relationships with colleagues who share the same values. An additional factor in my decision included the leadership within the faculty. I looked forward to building relationships and learning from the best in the state. Another included the cost of the program, which was much more attractive than the private school programs.

What has your career been like since graduation? Where do you work now and what do you do?

Since graduating from the BSN program, I graduated from the family nurse practitioner program at the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing. I practice internal medicine with Utica Park Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I practice with a great deal of independence. I have an independent panel of patients, serving as a primary care provider for many in the Tulsa area. I am also involved in leadership with Utica Park Clinic and Hillcrest, serving as the Chief Provider contact for employee health at Hillcrest Medical Center. Additionally, I serve on a Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Committee, which oversees quality improvement initiatives for all 37 clinics within the organization. Further, I serve on a Policy Committee, which creates and updates organizational policies applying to all 37 clinics.

I also engage in public speaking opportunities, providing continuing education for multiple groups and organizations in Oklahoma.

If you could share one piece of advice with new Nursing students or recent graduates, what would it be?

Advice for new nursing students: Study hard, stay positive, and have fun! Build relationships with your colleagues and spend some time getting to know your professors. They have a wealth of knowledge and incredible achievements in the field of nursing.

Advice for recent graduates: Always remain teachable. You have gained an incredible education from one of the best programs in the country. Don’t doubt your knowledge or skills, but remain teachable. Don’t forget the reason nursing is your calling— don’t lose sight that this is about people. Your patient. You are the patient’s strongest and best advocate.




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