Jackson, Kimethria L.

Jackson, Kimethria L.

“My parents set the mold that shaped my thinking about serving others,” says PhD student Kimethria Jackson.  Her decision to become a nurse and further her education stemmed from her upbringing, personal experiences and the desire to impact the nursing community at large.   While pursuing her bachelor’s degree, Kimethria became exposed to PhD nurses and their zeal for education sparked her interest to further her education.   She obtained a Master’s Degree in Nursing in the Family Nurse Practitioner pathway and she is currently pursuing her PhD in nursing.

Kimethria’s current research focuses on how older African Americans experience financial exploitation and how mental health relates to the lived experience.    She became aware of a loved one being exploited, which prompted her to help and the experience framed her thinking about the characteristics of an individual who would commit a crime of this nature against an older adult.   “I had many questions about this topic and wanted answers, said Kimethria.”

She advices future students to not be afraid to ask questions, seek answers from those with expertise and to never give up on their dream.  “Think outside of the box and think innovatively.  And once you have achieved your goal, remember to reach back to help the next aspiring nurse.”


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