Students Participate in Health Department Simulation

Students Participate in Health Department Simulation

The Stephens County Health Department trained OU College of Nursing ABSN students in Duncan along with other county employees to administer immunizations and/or treatments on a mass scale as part of a program required by the Center of Disease Control.

Mass Immunization and Prophylaxis Strategy (MIPS) training and (POD) Point of Dispensing training is intended to get county employees prepared in case of a disease breakout. Needed vaccines or immunizations were administered by the trained county employees along with the OU College of Nursing students in a simulation exercise of an Anthrax outbreak at the Stephens County Fairgrounds.

The nursing students manned the medication dispensing table and treated over 100 patients and dispensed over 700 bottles of either doxycycline or Ciprofloxacin to the community. 


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