Susan Leamy, RN, BSN, CM

Susan Leamy, RN, BSN, CM

Susan Leamy, RN, BSN, is the Tulsa Site Coordinator for the Nursing Care Management Program and one of our newest MSN in Administration students.    In her role as Site Coordinator, Susan is responsible for supervision of the clinical operations for the case managers, including our partnership with OU Physician’s in the Bedlam L Clinic, in addition to carrying a caseload.   “Care Management is a vital part of the healthcare community.   For the clinic, not only are we assisting individuals with their chronic conditions and mental health, we are helping them stay at home to maintain a positive quality of life,” states Leamy. 


Leamy decided to go to nursing school after a family member was diagnosed with cancer.  “Not having the healthcare knowledge to assist during that difficult time, provided me the drive to want to be educated and be able to help others navigate the healthcare system, so I became a nurse,” says Leamy.   Leamy received her BSN at OU and will pursue her MSN in Administration to expand her knowledge base to be able to better perform as a leader.  She advises future students to maintain their own health and to be sure you are dedicated to a life of learning.  “Once you pass NCLEX, there is still much to learn, several years later, I’m still learning daily.”   She has found that the only constant in healthcare and nursing is change.   “Stay on top of your studies, ask questions and listen to your patients in order to better care for them.”


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