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The Nurse Refresher course is provided specifically for LPNs or RNs in need of an update in the world of professional nursing. The University of Oklahoma College of Nursing and participating technology centers in Oklahoma's CareerTech system are currently accepting enrollments for this course.

This course offers three components:

  • a self-paced, on-line nursing theoretical course
  • a nursing skills lab
  • a clinical rotation module

This course is recommended for the following persons:

  • Applicants for registered nurse or practical nurse licensure by endorsement, reinstatement, or return to active status who need to complete a Nurse Refresher Course to meet Board of Nursing requirements.
  • Graduates of nursing programs who have not taken and/or passed the NCLEX within two years of completion of their nursing education program
  • Foreign-educated nurses who are seeking licensure in Oklahoma but who have never been licensed in the United States.
  • Nurses who hold a current license but who have been before the Board for disciplinary action. (Must present a copy of their Board order)
  • Currently licensed Oklahoma nurses who would like an update of nursing knowledge are welcomed to take this course. These students have the option of taking only the didactic portion of the course.
  • Completed Application submitted to Participating Technology Center.
  • Verification of Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse Licensure status in the state of Oklahoma or in other state in which you are currently / recently licensed.
  • Provide proof of completion of a Board Approved Nursing Program as either a Practical Nurse or Registered Nurse if not licensed.
  • Current Cardiopulmonary Certification. Applicants must successfully complete the American Heart Association Basic Life Support Course C for healthcare providers.
  • Completed record of immunizations (see Below)
  • An OSBI background check is required in order to meet requirements of clinical agencies prior to beginning clinical practice.

PNs must show proof of completion of an IV Therapy Course. PNs who are not currently certified in IV therapy or who did not obtain IV therapy training in their practical nursing curriculum must complete an IV Therapy Course (offered through the Participating Technology Centers) prior to enrollment in the Nurse Refresher lab and clinical courses.

Record of Immunizations

In addition to current CPR and TB skin test certification, each student must provide evidence of immunity against the following diseases: Evidence of two (2) varicella immunizations received at least 4 weeks apart Documentation of immunity by:

  • Tuberculin PPD Mantoux Skin Test
    Evidence of a negative tuberculin PPD (Mantoux) test received within 12 months OR If evidence of a positive Tuberculin (Mantoux) test then: Evidence of a follow-up negative chest x-ray OR Evidence of dates of isoniazid-based therapy and evidence of dates of therapy.
    Documentation of immunity by either: Evidence of 2 rubeola immunizations at least 4 weeks apart after the age of 12 months old OR Evidence of a positive blood test for IGG antibodies OR Documentation of birth before 1957
  • RUBELLA (German Measles)
    Documentation of immunity by either: Evidence of one (1) rubella immunization received after the age of 12 months old OR Evidence of a positive blood test for IGG antibodies.
    Documentation of immunity by either: Evidence of one (1) mumps immunization received after the age of 12 months old OR Evidence of an adult TD and a completed DPT waiver.
    Documentation of immunity by either: Evidence of three (3) injections of Hepatitis B vaccine given over a 6 month period OR Evidence of a positive blood test for IGG antibodies OR Completion of a waiver indicating the student's unwillingness to undergo vaccination.
    Documentation of immunity by evidence of a varicella blood test. (If the blood tests establishes that you are not immune to chicken pox then item B below is required)

    Evidence of three (3) childhood Diphtheria-Pertussis Tetanus (DPT) immunizations and evidence of one adult Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td) immunization OR Evidence of two (2) adult Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td) immunizations received at least 4 weeks apart with at least one of these received in the last 10 years. OR Evidence of at least one adult Tetanus-Diphtheria (Td) and a completed DPT waiver.

Students who suspect that they may be pregnant must consult a physician regarding the advisability of immunization against rubella, rubeola, varicella, and Hepatitis B. Pregnant students must submit rubella and rubeola titers and sign a waiver declining Hepatitis B vaccine if not previously immunized against Hepatitis B.

Total course cost is $2599.00 which includes 6 months access to the online course, and lab and clinical components. For those who wish to take only the online didactic portion of the course, the cost is $600 for 6 months access to the course.

Students who require a longer period of access to the online theory component must pay an additional fee for continued access.  If the student has completed at least six modules with a grade average of 75% or higher, the student may choose to pay $75 per month for up to six months to complete the remaining modules.  If the student has completed less than six modules, the student must pay $450 for an additional six months of access.  No more than an additional six months of access will be granted.  If the student does not complete the theory component within that timeframe, the student must re-enroll for the online theory component, pay the $600 fee, and start the course over.  Please plan to proceed at a pace of approximately two modules per month in order to ensure that you complete the theory component of the Nurse Refresher course within six months.

The following companies offer student loans for Continuing Education

Alternative Student Loan
Phone: 1-866-229-8900

Chase Continuing Education
Phone: 1-877-663-3906

Sallie Mae Student Loans
Phone 1-888-272-5543

For further information please contact the company directly and not the University of Oklahoma or Financial Aid Office. Listing these sources does not mean that the University of Oklahoma endorses these financial aid programs but rather we offer them as a resource for students.

Oklahoma Workforce Development can also assist students with tuition for the Nurse Refresher Program if the student qualifies based upon family size and income. To find out if you qualify for their program you will need to attend an orientation session at your local Workforce Development Office. Orientations are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. You can locate your local workforce at the following web site:

The Nurse Refresher Program is considered a part-time program and the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is a TERI approved school. You can find other sources of financial aid by searching on the Internet using the search terms "Continuing Education Student Loans".

For more information contact the OU College of Nursing Office of Continuing Education at (405) 271-2062.