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Continuing Education

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What parts of the course do I need to take?

  • Please review the Oklahoma Board of Nursing Information regarding the program. If you have questions about the appropriateness of the course for your needs, please contact the Board of Nursing directly.
  • Information regarding the Oklahoma Board of Nursing Refresher Course Policy can be found at
  • Instruction for reinstatement or return to active status of RN or LPN single state license can be found at

How long does the course take?

While the program is competency-based and self-paced, the didactic portion of the course is available to participants for four (4) months and four (4) months to complete the simulated clinical experience and lab portion of the course.

What is the cost of the Nurse Refresher course?

Fees for the didactic, skills lab and simulated clinical components are $2,000.

Participants who are unable to validate competency via simulated clinical experiences may incur additional fees and tuition and will need to complete background check, drug screening, immunization verification, and American Heart Association Basic Life Support prior to facility-based clinical experiences. Please call the individual Career Tech Centers for details.

For those who wish to take only the online didactic portion of the course, the cost is $600 for four (4) months access to the course. If additional time is required to complete the online course, extensions to access may be purchased.

Do I pay OU or the Technology center?

Payment for the complete course is paid to the Technology Center.  Payment for the didactic portion only is paid directly to OU College of Nursing.

Is Financial Aid available for this course?

The University of Oklahoma does not offer financial aid for the Nurse Refresher course.  Student loans are available through some Financial Institutions. 

Where do I complete the clinical and lab component of the course?

The clinical and lab components are completed through the Technology Center. After basic skills are verified, participants will complete an online clinical experience to evaluate competency. Students unable to demonstrate competency via online simulation will be required to complete facility-based clinical experiences at an additional fee.

What are the enrollment dates?

The Nurse Refresher course is an open-enrollment course.

What do I receive after I complete the course?

You will receive a certificate after completion of the course. You can then submit this certificate to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing in fulfillment of identified educational requirements. At this time, continuing education credit is not available for this course.

What are the computer requirements?

Please refer to the technology requirements page for more information.