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Continuing Education

Nurse Refresher Course Overview

The nurse refresher course is provided specifically for LPNs or RNs in need of an update in nursing knowledge and skills. The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Fran and Earl Ziegler College of Nursing and participating technology centers in Oklahoma’s CareerTech system are currently accepting enrollments for this course.

Consistent with Oklahoma Board of Nursing Regulations, this course offers three components:

  • a competency-based, self-paced, on-line nursing theoretical course,
  • a nursing skills lab provided through participating Career Tech Centers,
  • a clinical experience to validate competency, this experience may be provided via simulation or a facility-based clinical experience.

The components required may differ from person to person. Participants are encouraged to clarify with the Oklahoma Board of Nursing to ensure what elements of the course will meet participant need.

Applying for Nurse Refresher

Contact an approved Career Tech Center and complete the application. Oklahoma Board of Nursing Board-Approved Refresher Courses can be found at

  • For students requiring only the didactic portion of the course, email or call (405) 271-2062.


Course fee is $2000.00 which includes four (4) months access to the online course, and lab and simulated clinical experience components. Students unable to demonstrate competency via simulation may incur additional cost related to placement in a clinical facility. Please call the individual Career Tech Centers for details.

For those who wish to take only the online didactic portion of the course, the cost is $600 for four (4) months access to the course. If additional time is required to complete the online course, extensions to access may be purchased.