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Research Presentation Series

Date Title
04/2022 COVID 19 Pandemic and the lived environment
03/2022 Conceptual Model Building: What is a lived environment
02/2022 Research and Scholarly Abstracts
11/18/2021 Research Office Journal Club (TBA)
10/28/2021 Research Office Journal Club (TBA)
9/23/2021 Research Office Journal Club (TBA)
4/22/2021 Research Office Journal Club (TBA)
3/25/2021 Conducting Research with Indigenous Communities
2/25/2021 Facilitating a Health Literate Organization
1/28/2021 PhD Nursing January Research Forum
11/24/2020 Indigenous Maternal Health
11/18/2020 Baby Steps: My Journey through Quality Improvement, evidence-based practice and research
11/11/2020 Elements of Health Literacy in Health Profession Education
10/29/2020 Access to Care
10/22/2020 The Development of an mHealth Speech-language-hearing screener:  Novel tech informed by Pediatric Nurse Practitioners
10/20/2020 Indigenous Maternal Health
10/13/2020 Elements of Health Literacy in Health Profession Education
9/9/2020 Rapid, Multidisciplinary Needs Assessment for Patients with COIVD-19 Transitioning from Hospital to Home