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Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Research is to advance the scholarship of faculty, clinical partners, and students as they engage in research and clinical practice inquiry.  

Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff of the Office of Research are committed to providing the College of Nursing faculty and students with the highest standard of service excellence. Services include consultation on proposal development (including project workplans and budgets),  plans for data management, and the presentation of data for grant applications, reports, and manuscripts. The office coordinates the assembly of grants materials and oversees the internal approval and sign-off on all proposals for external funding, including interim reports to funders.  Post-award grant management is the responsibility of the principal investigator, and in fiscal matters, in coordination with the Office of Finance.

The Office of Research is committed to ensuring that faculty and students conduct ethically responsible and rigorous science by providing a central repository for records required by the OUHSC Office of Research Administration (ORA) and Institutional Review Board (IRB).