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Oklahoma Licensure

Graduates from the Traditional, Accelerated, and LPN to BSN programs are eligible to sit for licensure as a registered nurse. If you are applying for licensure in the State of Oklahoma, follow the steps below:

1) Apply for licensure with the Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

2) Complete the Evidence of Status Form and make sure to provide any legal documentation to support legal name changes to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing

3) Complete Fingerprints and Background Checks

  • You will need to go to an IdentoGo center sponsored by Idemia located within the state to provide fingerprints electronically. These sites are available by appointment only. You must visit the following website to schedule an appointment:, or you must call (877) 219-0197 to make an appointment. Payment can be made during your appointment or online when scheduling. Please note that your fingerprints must be obtained electronically only at an IdentoGO center sponsored by Idemia.
  • If you answer “yes” to the criminal charge, discipline, or competency questions on the application, you must submit a statement on the application form, describing the date, location and circumstances of the incident, and the resulting action taken by the court or disciplinary board. If you have more than one incident you are reporting, you must speak to every case/charge that has been filed. For more information click on the following link:

4) When your degree is officially posted by the Office of Admissions and Records, they will automatically forward a copy of your transcript to the Oklahoma Board of Nursing unless otherwise advised.

5) Complete an NCLEX registration, which may be completed on the NCLEX website: Do not select a test date until after graduation.

Detailed instructions can be found under Forms/Applications on the Oklahoma Board of Nursing website:

Instructions for Single State Licensure by Exam Instructions for Multi-State Licensure by Exam

6) Testing Accommodations for the NCLEX Exam are available to those students that have received accommodations during their academic career at OU.  Using the form below, students may submit documentation supporting their approved accommodations to NCLEX prior to testing.  Documentation will be provided by the ADRC Office

Out of State Licensure

If you plan to apply for licensure in another state, contact the appropriate state’s licensure body for their application process requirements. Any affidavits needing completion by the College of Nursing should be filled out with your information and sent to prior to the end of your final term. The form will be completed as part of the degree posting process and a transcript, if required, will be sent with the form to the appropriate licensure board.

APRN Licensure

Graduate students seeking APRN licensure should fill out any necessary documents and send to for completion. Please be sure to complete the College of Nursing’s mandatory graduation clearance survey as well, including where you need transcripts sent after your degree is posted.

NCSBN Program Codes

Your Affidavit of Graduation or other form for out-of-state licensure may need the following NCSBN Program Codes based on the site at which you completed your degree:

Oklahoma City – US24505200

Tulsa – US24502700

Lawton – US24500500 

Norman – US24510800 

Duncan – US24510700