care management

Care Management

A collaborative approach to assessing, providing, coordinating and monitoring healthcare services

What Case Managers Do

We provide care management (also known as case management) for people of all ages with chronic diseases and/or disabilities and specialize in helping aging individuals. Care management is a collaborative approach to assessing, providing, coordinating and monitoring health care services. When you come to OU Care Management, a care manager will work with you, your family, physicians and other health care providers to ensure that you receive all the necessary services to promote health and maximize your well-being while helping you to remain independent.

A Case Manager:

  • Serves as an advocate and care coordinator for all your healthcare needs
  • Helps you and your family navigate the complicated health-care environment
  • Deciphers the often-complex medical language and to help you understand all of the facets of your illness.
  • Helps you understand and cope with medical insurance and emotional issues related to caring for your loved one.
  • Helps remove the burden of caring for an aging or disabled loved one.
  • Provides objective and professional health care management.

Learn more about care management by visiting the website for our care management organization OU Care Management.

What You Can Expect from a Case Manager

When your family partners with OU Care management, we will assist you in creating a clear, individualized plan for coordinating your health care needs. The following list shows some ways our care managers can help.

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  • Evaluate your loved one’s ability to remain safe and independent in the residence with a home safety assessment
  • Obtain proper medical care and secure necessary medical supplies and equipment
  • Find home care nursing services
  • Find assistance with homemaking and personal care needs
  • Coordinate service delivery and necessary medical follow-up
  • Provide information and education about community resources and residential options
  • Prevent unnecessary or repetitive medical care (Disease Management)
  • Reduce costs of care and duplicate medical services

Who Benefits From Care Management?

  • Individuals with increasing age, health, or medical concerns
  • Individuals with chronic disease issues
  • Families caring for a loved one with increasing healthcare needs
  • Families who want to be pro-active about planning elder care
  • Families caring for a disabled loved one
  • Families who are geographically separated from their loved one and need a trusted, local resource


In addition to the individuals and their families, the following can also benefit from working directly with case managers:


  • Physicians, nurses, social workers, hospital discharge planners, or other health care providers.
  • Insurance agencies or legal professionals who need assistance with worker’s comp care management.
  • Attorneys providing elder law, trust, or estate services, or one who needs a conservator of person.
  • Bank trust officers with fiduciary responsibility for their customers.
  • Probate judges who need objective, professional assessments, conservators, or professional care management for a case.
  • Financial planners and accountants, who need an assessment for future care giving purposes.
  • Employee Assistance Programs that work with caregiving employees.
  • Long-term care insurers.

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