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Care Management

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What Case Managers Do?

Care Management serves as a means for achieving client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources and service facilitation. OU College of Nursing has been performing Care Management since 1995 and is comprised of a team of health care professionals who assist families to care for people of all ages with chronic diseases and/or disabilities. Our Case Managers are experienced professionals who will listen to each families’ unique needs and assist with finding the right solutions to match your loved ones’ situation. We specialize in helping seniors age in place and prevention of premature nursing home placement. OU College of Nursing Care Management is a cornerstone of quality assurance and designed to decrease fragmentation of services for families by coordinating services to members statewide. OU Care Managers become the “professional relative” to assist families to navigate complex healthcare choices and needs. 

What You Can Expect From a Case Manager?

When your family partners with OU Care management, we will assist you in creating a clear, individualized plan for coordinating your health care needs. The following list shows some ways our care managers can help.

A Case Manager: 

  • Serves as an advocate and care coordinator for all your healthcare needs
  • Helps you and your family navigate the complicated health-care environment
  • Deciphers the often-complex medical language and to help you understand all of the facets of your illness.
  • Helps you understand and cope with medical insurance and emotional issues related to caring for your loved one.
  • Helps remove the burden of caring for an aging or disabled loved one.
  • Provides objective and professional health care management.


Who Benefits From Care Management?

  • Evaluate your loved one’s ability to remain safe and independent in the residence with a home safety assessment

  • Obtain proper medical care and secure necessary medical supplies and equipment

  • Find home care nursing services

  • Find assistance with homemaking and personal care needs

  • Coordinate service delivery and necessary medical follow-up

  • Provide information and education about community resources and residential options

  • Prevent unnecessary or repetitive medical care (Disease Management)

  • Reduce costs of care and duplicate medical services

By choosing to partner with us you have the opportunity to increase the quality of life for your loved one and yourself. Our simple approach to Care Management allows you to take advantage of all or part of our services.

To Learn more about the services Care Managers can provide call us: 1.866.416.4980 or 405.271.8767.

Email us: Karissa Maddox, Assistant Director, OU College of Nursing Care Management Program