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Post Graduate Certificate Education

The current critical shortage of nurse educators has resulted in an abundance of career opportunities nationwide, especially in the education of APRNs who fill an important gap as providers of healthcare, educators of emerging nurses at the graduate and advanced practice levels, professional development of healthcare workers, and educators in acute and sub-acute clinical practice.

The Post-Masters Certificate, Nursing Education, is designed to prepare nurses who hold graduate degrees for the roles of the nurse educator in academic, clinical, and professional staff development settings.

The Post-Masters Certificate, Nursing Education is a 14-credit hour program including content and practice in academic nursing education, professional staff development, and clinical nursing education. The program includes 256 hours of required teaching practicum activities as part of three nursing education specialty courses. For additional information about this program, please contact

Residency requirements: Due to federal regulations from the Department of Education, the College of Nursing currently accepts applications for its onlinepost-graduate certificate programs from residents of the states participating in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA). A list of participating states can be found at: Applicants are encouraged to check with the State Board of Nursing within the state of residency regarding any specific professional licensure requirements prior to applying or enrolling.

It is the intention of The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center to comply with all Federal and State regulations related to distance education. Federal distance education requirements and a detailed description of the compliance process are found at   

Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, the graduate will be prepared to: 

  • Integrate, translate, and apply theories and knowledge from nursing and other arts and sciences to guide practice and role development. (Knowledge Domain) 
  • Develop partnerships and engage in person-centered and evidence-based interventions for the improvement of equitable population health outcomes. (Population Health; Person Centered Care) 
  • Advance the scholarship of nursing through application and dissemination of nursing knowledge to enhance clinical and system decisions incorporating professional values and ethical principles. (Scholarship for Nursing Practice) 
  • Practice intentional collaborations with interprofessional teams using communication, systems thinking, and cost-effectiveness to enhance the healthcare experience, optimize care, and strengthen outcomes. (Interprofessional Partnership; Systems Based Practice)  
  • Translate evidence into practice and use information and communication technology to support decision making for quality health outcomes and safety at the patient, population and systems levels. (Informatics and Healthcare Technologies; Quality and Safety) 
  • Use political acumen to influence health care policy to promote safe, ethical, equitable, and cost-effective health care. (Professionalism) 
  • Participate in activities that incorporate self-reflection, foster personal health, resilience, and well-being; and contribute to lifelong learning and leadership development. (Personal, Professionalism and Leadership Development) 
  • Perform role competencies defined by national professional nursing organizations and certifying bodies in accordance with role preparation.

Prerequisite Courses

Nursing Research 

General Statistics

Admission Requirements

  • Application deadline - April 1
  • Completion of a Master's degree in Nursing from an accredited institution
  • Minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA for the last 60 hours
  • Current United States license to practice as a Registered Nurse in state where clinical rotations are completed
  • University admission and supplemental applications [Including submission of three reference letters, an essay, and a resume]
  • Potential interview with faculty
  • Completion of all prerequisite courses prior to application deadline


Course # 

Course Title 


NURS 5214

Curriculum, Assessment, & Evaluation in Nursing


NURS 5253

Facilitating Learning in Nursing


NURS 5263

Testing & Evaluation in Nursing Education

NURS 5924 Leadership & Scholarship in Nursing Education 4

Credit Hours