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NursingCAS Application

Applicants are encouraged to request copies of official transcripts from each college or university attended in advance of beginning the application to be used by the applicant for the transcript entry section.    

If you plan to use this service, you are encouraged to begin the application process at least six weeks prior to the application deadline. CAS will not begin entry of your transcripts until ALL transcripts have been received. Entry of in progress or planned courses can delay transcript entry. Your application will not be reviewed until all transcripts have been entered. 
  • Create an application account at: . By selecting the term to which you are applying, you will be directed to the correct application. 

The CAS Dashboard provides details specific to your application. 

  • Messages from NursingCAS regarding your application  
  • Application Status – check regularly 

Four application sections are: 

  • Personal Information 
  • Academic History - including Transcript Entry section 
  • Supporting Information 
  • Program Materials – prerequisite matching and program information 

Pay appropriate application fees. 

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Official Transcripts 

  • NursingCAS must be sent official transcripts from each college or university attended.  
  • Transcripts may be mailed before or after the application has been submitted. 
  • Official transcripts MUST be received by the application deadline. 
  • Two options for sending transcripts to NursingCAS: 
    1. Electronically by using one of the electronic transcript services. See instructions in NursingCAS for each service.  
    2. By mail to: 

NursingCAS Transcript Department   
PO Box 9201 
Watertown, MA 02471 

  • Routinely check the application by clicking the Application Status on the Check Status tab of the NursingCAS dashboard.  
  • Professional Transcript Entry is not encouraged. 
  • Questions regarding the NursingCAS application should be sent to or by calling (617) 612-2880.