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Beth Hall, PhD, RN, CNE

Assistant Professor and Program Director for RN-BSN and LPN-BSN

Beth Hall, PhD, RN, CNE

Faculty and recent PhD graduate, Dr. Beth Hall’s decision to enter the nursing professional began with her love for life sciences in high school.  “I remember walking down the hall in high school toward the end of my junior year, thinking what major should I choose in college? I asked myself, what did I excel in?  Then, it came to me…I’ll be a nurse,” Hall says.    No one in her family was a nurse, but she thought it was a perfect fit for her personality.   To Hall, nursing is a profession where life sciences, a love for helping people and working to make a positive impact on individuals health care intersect. 


Dr. Hall is the program director for the RN-BSN and LPN-BSN program.  In addition to her administrative responsibilities, she teaches Health Assessment, dis-Ability and Clinical IV for RN-BSN and LPN-BSN students.    Her advice to future nursing students, “don’t be afraid to ask questions as it may help clarify your thinking about a topic or a patient situation.”   Hall says students should plan to spend more time on school work as it usually takes longer to understand concepts and their application to patient care.  “If you need to work, try your best to secure part time employment to manage stress and devote the time you have for school and family.  Finally, take care of yourself; schedule breaks from school and spend time with friends and family.


As far as the profession, Hall thinks nursing is changing as the population and healthcare system also changes.  As a result, she feels there will be new opportunities and responsibilities for nurses.  “I think nurses will take on larger roles in the health of individuals and communities.  This is exciting and  presents opportunities for faculty to  prepare nurses for these roles,” says Hall. She feels her decision to enter, practice, educate and do research in nursing was the best decision and that nursing has been a very fulfilling.  “I feel like I make a difference.” 


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