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Students Interview with the Dean

Students Interview with the Dean

At the 2016 AACN Student Policy Summit, Dean Benefield spoke to students Alyssa Peterson, BSN junior, and Kalli Wolf, traditional BSN senior, about their summit experience.

The AACN Student Policy Summit is a three-day conference held in Washington, DC and is open to baccalaureate and graduate nursing students enrolled at an AACN member institution.  Students who attend SPS are immersed in program sessions focused on the federal policy process and nursing’s role in professional advocacy.

Dean Benefield asked the students to elaborate on one of the speakers, their impression of the conference and nursing areas of interest.  Both Peterson and Wolf agreed Rear Admiral Sylvia Trent-Adams, PhD, RN, FAAN, Deputy Surgeon General with the U.S. Public Health Service Office, was powerful and an inspiring woman at such a high level of government influencing policy and health care.

Wolf states, “The conference opens up a whole other world of nursing neither of us was really aware of.”  “I’m really passionate about women’s health and reproductive health in general and how a lot of communities in Oklahoma are underserved in that aspect and how expanding the roles of APRNs, like nurse practitioners and nurse midwives, can address need.”  Peterson’s nursing interest is geriatrics and thinks we need to focus more on preparing nurses to work with this population.   She goes on to say the summit opened her eyes to the policy aspect of nursing and the role in government nursing has an impact.

Both students received a scholarship to attend this national summit. 


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